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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Try simple yoga to avoid obesity and waist slim, Easy Tips to Avoid Obesity & Slim Your Waistline

Easy Tips to Avoid Obesity & Slim Your Waistline:

Nowadays everyone, especially women want to maintain 'Slim & Trim' to look, as well as the slim waist with a galvanized . Although labor-free lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits is hard to do so. The yoga is the most effective way in which in  short time every day (average 30 minutes) giving we can keep themselves fit or slim. Here we are introduced; Waist keep in shape and to keep the body fit is a fairly simple and effective compound verb "Chakrasan and her waist-driving related activity". After seeing pictures of it to understand; Or at least the first time, a knowledgeable monitor.

Try simple yoga to avoid obesity and waist slim 

Step 1

First Stand at attention; Both ownership by the waist from the waist bend backwards as far as possible. Now close your eyes with normal respiratory motion and stay in position after about 10 seconds to come back to be returned to the upright position. Practice this action 4-5 times.

Step -2

Now again cautious posture standing right arm and left hand on the left shoulder to right shoulder-first bend to the right as much as it can easily buckle. by bending neck backwards then see. Now close your eyes and breathe with a normal speed of 10 seconds after coming back should stay in the same position. Similarly, the left now turn 4-5 times alternately lean on both sides to exercise this action.

Step -3
Careful re standing posture, keeping the palms parallel lift and straighten folded hands. Breathing bend left groin; At the same hands will move to the left.Hold on there, bending over at the waist. Now close your eyes and breathe with a normal speed of 10 seconds after stopping at the same position come back. Repeat this 4-5 times on each side Practice.

Step -4

 Now Shavasana lie in parallel with the torso, keeping both hands spread it. Now move the right foot to the left and right side of the neck bent began to look to the right. Keep left leg straight during this.
In contrast to the direction of the same action. That left foot moved to the right and left neck bent to the left view. Practice it 4-5 times on each side. Finally, from 10 seconds to 1 minute and you need Shavasana should relax.


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